The American Political Rift

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It’s undeniable that the American political landscape is becoming more and more hostile. As a conflict of ideas turns to a conflict of fists, a lot of us are sitting here wondering, what’s next? Are we really heading down a path where our political camps turn into armed camps?

We’ve covered this topic before but with more news reports about riots and violence in a political context, the questions pile up. Trying to figure out what is going on between the left and the right in america is anyone’s guess.  From pundits being punched in the head to outright riots over political speakers, does this qualify as a SHTF scenario?

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Now we’ve said we weren’t going to take a side on this subject but it’s getting harder and harder. The left in this country has now deemed it acceptable to initiate violence against ideas they do not like. We are patriots, period. We support the constitution and the spirit of American democracy. Punching people, no matter how much you disagree, is not okay.

Now we do this regretfully but we formally have to side with the right on this one. The stones have been cast and we honestly don’t see any hope in this situation without a return to reason and discussion. It’s our opinion that it’s only a matter of time when the left shows up to bully the republicans at a rally and the republicans decide not to be bullied this time around. What happens from there though, is anyone’s guess.

Looking at a few examples; Richard Spencer being punched in the head on inauguration day. Now, we don’t necessarily disagree that his ideas are repulsive but idea’s don’t earn you a punch in the head. Ridicule, and a reasoned argument as to how you’re wrong? Sure, but not violence, that is how totalitarian states operate, not the United States.

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The Berkeley riots over now-shamed Breitbart editor Milo. Again, not advocating for Milo here, but rioting because someone might say something you don’t like? That’s insane! If you don’t want to engage in a conversation, just ignore it! Instead, the left decided to throw bricks, pepper spray innocent people (who weren’t Milo by the way), and otherwise attack attendee’s.

The problem isn’t that Richard Spencer got punched in the head, the problem isn’t that Milo got his rally shut down. The problem is that now a precedent has been set that if someone says (or is going to say) things you don’t like, you can just chuck a brick at them. This precedent basically allows one to label another individual or group of individuals how ever they see fit in order to justify hurting them.

Now why is this on a survival site about prepping? Because this is a real and present threat to the American people. Political violence and upheaval rips countries apart. There’s no shortage of examples in history that show this.

Some talk is being thrown around about a political/philosophical column/section by yours truly in order address these issues. Let us get some feedback on what you think about this.


Brandon is a survivalist from the U.S.’s North-east. He’s been an active camper and survival enthusiast since a young age and began with the hopes of sharing knowledge and bringing preppers together.

2 thoughts on “The American Political Rift”

  1. I couldn’t agree more. Even a kkk rally, as repugnant as there speech and ideology is, deserves their time on a soapbox. Hate speech is still speech protected by the first amendment. To limit someone’s right to speak simply because they speak against your beliefs is still an infringement on that individuals rights.

  2. I think the ‘precedent’ was set when wingnuts kept walking into unitarian churches and shooting everyone. Or perhaps when wingnuts beat so many gays to death. or when wingnuts murdered abortion doctors. but fine, make it about Richard Spencer.

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