Blacksmithing For Preppers (guide)

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I’ve recently gotten into blacksmithing and bladesmithing (yes there’s a difference). Now it’s something I’ve always wanted to do since I was a kid, just something interesting about it. But the more and more I thought of it over the years, I realized it’s a great skill to have as a prepper! Let’s explore some of the advantages of learning at least the basics of forging and smithing.

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Identity Politcs Bubble Politics And US Politcs

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In US Politics now a days, the “enemy of my enemy” philosophy seems king. But isn’t this a dangerous thought? Should a conservative support something just because liberals dislike it? Or vice versa? The short answer is absolutely not! In U.S. politics though, this seems to be the norm. If POTUS says something that upsets liberals, conservatives jump on board blindly. On the flip side, liberals, no matter how good of an idea, vigorously attack it! But why is this dangerous, or better yet, a cause for concern?

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The American Political Rift

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It’s undeniable that the American political landscape is becoming more and more hostile. As a conflict of ideas turns to a conflict of fists, a lot of us are sitting here wondering, what’s next? Are we really heading down a path where our political camps turn into armed camps?

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Some Top Survival Uses for Your Multi-Tool

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Multitool knive Leatherman Fuse.
Multitool knive Leatherman Fuse. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Prep for SHTF put together a great piece on a survivalist favorite. The multitool. Any prepper worth their salt has one of these in their B.O.B. and probably more than one. But Prep For SHTF gives a great run down of some uses we may not have considered. Check out the article below and follow the link at the end for more great stuff from Prep For SHTF!

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SurvivalLife | 9 Winter Gardening Tips

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downloadOne of the big questions we get around this time of year is what to do about food. Hunting is the most obvious solution but even this can be inconsistant and sporadic. Vince Tuscano over at SurvivalLife put together a great guide for winter gardening.

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The Death Of American Democracy

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Democracy historically has a death cycle it goes through on it’s way to oblivion. This has been demonstrated repeatedly by numerous political philosophers. It is no different with American democracy. We are currently moving from a state of great abundance to a state of great dependence. This should scare every american, because from here, the cycle only accelerates.

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10 Disturbing SHTF Threats that most Preppers Haven’t Prepared For

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prepperthreatsWhen planning for a SHTF scenario, there’s really only one thing that we can be sure of; Survival will be a bigger challenge than you ever believed possible. While you can definitely take measures to prepare yourself for what’s to come, when you’re talking about a SHTF scenario, all bets are really off.

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Surviving Hypothermia: What To Do Until Medical Help Arrives

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hands-holding-cup-with-iceIt’s that time of year again! Colder temperatures have fallen over most of the United States. Some states have already had their first snowfall of the year which means knowledge of surviving hypothermia is a must. This time of year, people are at an increased risk for hypothermia – a huge threat to any outdoor survivalist! I’ll take you step by step to learn how you or loved ones can survive hypothermia if symptoms occur.

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