Survival Farming: The Best Crops For When SHTF

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imagesIf the world goes to hell in a hand-basket, it is highly unlikely there will be any grocery stores to go stock back up once a week. Sure, there is bartering and you might find someone well off enough to have some food to spare for your services. That’s because they read this article. You might have your two year supply of canned goods and non perishables, but what happens on year three? This list should help you figure out the best crops and how to cultivate and store them for you to sustain your family’s survival food supply as long as you need.

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The Coming Financial Collapse 2016

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150420113144-money-bomb-780x439You don’t have to be a financial analyst to realize that the financial markets just aren’t quite right. It’s all over the news, from the ongoing implosion of the Chinese financial system to the consistent decline in our own market that is going into it’s third month, there is no hiding that something is up. Sure the markets go through these ‘correction’ cycles, but here’s the problem, the bubble is about 4 times bigger than it was last time! There is no single cause of this collapse, which makes it that much harder to avoid, so let’s take it piece by piece.

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Easy ways to harden your home for when SHTF

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Unless you plan on fleeing to the hills and living off the land, your home is your castle, and it needs to be able to keep you and your family safe like one. In other words, home defense is a must! Not only does this come in handy for when the mobs are rioting in the streets, with the way things are today, it might not be a bad idea weather you’re preparing for armageddon or not. Check out these simple, low cost ways to fortify your home, it just might make you sleep better at night.

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Top 3 Theories On How Society Might Collapse

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CollapseThere are a million and ten reasons why society could go down the tubes tomorrow. Though unlikely as it may seem, I think when a NASA study is conducted on the topic, it deserves some real attention. Now of course no one could say exactly when things will fall apart, but here are some guesses on how exactly it might happen. Understanding the how leads to better preparation if you know what you are preparing for. Now we left out the more extreme catastrophes like a planetoid-sized meteor hitting the world (not much you can do to prepare for that) in order to focus on the things we can do something about. Continue reading Top 3 Theories On How Society Might Collapse

Complete Survival Weapons Guide

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Primitive weaponsA lot of emphasis is put on what firearms to carry for survival purposes. In some places, even a little too much. Though it shouldn’t be the focal point of your survival strategy, what firearm you carry can make or break you if the s–t hits the fan. Today I want to take a look at some of the best weapons to carry in your kit and why. This should be fun!

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The National Debt Is Suspiciously Misleading

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national debtThe National Debt is always an interesting topic of debate in political circles and a hot subject for the presidential candidates. It is a simply massive number that a lot of politicians don’t seem to understand. It is also a dangerous sign of fiscal insolvency for the federal government. It gets more nerve-wracking when you realize that the U.S. Federal debt is around $18.2 trillion as of the end of 2015, and US GDP is only around $17 trillion. So what does this number mean and is it accurate?

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Are Things In North Korea Getting Serious This Time?

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Nuke 1So North Korea has been spitting out threats like it’s going out of style for a while now, why would this time be any different? There are a few factors at play this year that could cause tensions to escalate into conflict that weren’t necessarily at play in the past and though it may be far fetched that we need to prepare here at home for such an event, you never know…

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Peak Oil – Is There a Tomorrow? [Video]

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This is a powerful video from awhile back, it explores some of the biggest issues we face as a civilization. From depending on continuous growth to how it affects the ecosystem and our ability to continue the way we are after peak oil. I strongly recommend you watch the video in its entirety long winded as it may be.  For those of you short on time, here’s a brief run down.

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