Identity Politcs Bubble Politics And US Politcs

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In US Politics now a days, the “enemy of my enemy” philosophy seems king. But isn’t this a dangerous thought? Should a conservative support something just because liberals dislike it? Or vice versa? The short answer is absolutely not! In U.S. politics though, this seems to be the norm. If POTUS says something that upsets liberals, conservatives jump on board blindly. On the flip side, liberals, no matter how good of an idea, vigorously attack it! But why is this dangerous, or better yet, a cause for concern?

Bubble Politics

Recently, identity politics has reached it’s next logical evolution; bubble politics. So what does that mean? Much like identity politics, it means that each side grossly generalizes the other. For example, conservatives view liberals as a bunch of sheltered social justice warrior, snowflakes. On the reverse, liberals look at conservatives as a bunch of racist, bigoted, misogynistic homophobes.

Bubble politics is a reinforcement of that thought frame in that the identities have become so concrete that ideas can no longer pass from one party to the other. There is little to know meaningful exchange of ideas. It automatically devolves into “You’re on the other side so that must be wrong” regardless of the sentiment. The argument could be 2+2=4 at this point and liberals would disagree just because of who said it.

With out that free flow of ideas from one side to the other and no middle ground to operate from, the two party system breaks down. Compromise becomes impossible and it basically turns into one party trying to push the other out which is a lot of what we’re seeing now.

Evidence Of Bubble Politics In US Politics

You need not look further than the polls regarding Donald Trump in US Politics to find evidence.  Trump is the most polarizing president in recent history along party lines. He holds the biggest disparity in approval ratings between republicans and democrats since Lincoln. Now we all know how that turned out…

The LA Times reports:

The findings, from a new survey by the nonpartisan Pew Research Center underscore Trump’s continued sway with the Republican congressional majority. Although the president has historically low job approval ratings among the public at large, he remains highly popular among Republican partisans and in Republican districts.

As for Democrats, they’re strongly in an oppositional mood. Asked if they were more worried that Democrats in Congress would go too far in opposing Trump or not go far enough, more than 70% of Democrats said they feared their party would not go far enough. Only 20% said they worried the party would go too far.

It’s clear that the left will slam Trump on anything he does or any misstep he makes regardless of how well his intentions or how objectively good it might be. And conversely, conservatives will slam any criticism of Trump, even if it is a valid and legitimate concern.

So What’s The Next Step

US politics is reaching a boiling point, we see this in the violence brought upon peaceful gatherings such as the UC Berkeley riots or the Washington State Riots. Universities are going to be the spot to watch in the coming months. This is where politics is generally at the forefront and political movements carry the most momentum.

Unless we can get to a return to discourse and reasoning, violence is only going to escalate as the divide widens. We don’t mean to be fear mongering, but we have to call a spade a spade. Unless US Politics can return to a functioning, multi-party system with a free flow of ideas, we’re heading down a dangerous road.

Now we don’t make the Lincoln reference lightly. A strong case can be made that Lincoln’s election was a key factor leading to the Civil War. Now we might not be quite there yet, thankfully, but it doesn’t seem far off. Polarization in US Politics  is certainly at a high in the nation and the unfortunate truth is that this is how civil wars started. With the state of things as they are, some argue that we already ARE in a civil war, it’s just a matter of time of how long it will remain civil


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