Some Top Survival Uses for Your Multi-Tool

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Multitool knive Leatherman Fuse.
Multitool knive Leatherman Fuse. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Prep for SHTF put together a great piece on a survivalist favorite. The multitool. Any prepper worth their salt has one of these in their B.O.B. and probably more than one. But Prep For SHTF gives a great run down of some uses we may not have considered. Check out the article below and follow the link at the end for more great stuff from Prep For SHTF!

Not every multi-tool is made the same. This would be obvious if you were to conduct a comparison and put several tools through their paces.

Leatherman® probably comes to mind when talking about multi-tools, and that’s because they are the innovators when it comes to multi-tools. Leatherman now has what they call the Leatherman OHT®, “one-hand-operable multi-tool”.

We are not reviewing any particular multi-tool here, nor do we have this particular model, nor are we endorsing any specific model or manufacturer, that’s up to you to decide which one you buy. We mention it simply because the Leatherman OHT can be used one-handed. If one of your hands is injured or otherwise occupied and you need access to a knife blade, pliers, strap cutter or saw then a one-handed operational tool could be a lifesaver.

The blades can be opened one handed, and the pliers are spring loaded so they are easily used one handed as well, just something to think about when choosing. Regardless of model or manufacturer, make sure your multi-tool is a quality one because the “cheap ones” are cheap in quality and performance. In a survival situation, you don’t want to leave anything to chance.

There are tools and blades for every occasion. Any multi-tool out there comes with a pair of pliers and usually wire cutters built in. The cheap tools will cut thin wire but heavy gauge wire is not getting cut and when you feel the pliers springing back when cutting wire you know your tool is not up to the job.

You need pliers. Pliers can help fashion fishhooks out of metal or wire, help break down, adjust and help field clean your firearm and they can be used to pull hot cooking utensils from the fire as well. The uses are endless and you don’t know you need a set until you really need a set of pliers. Think survival fishing and imagine the number of tasks a set of good pliers could perform.

Small pliers are ideal when you are using a heavy needle and thread. Use the pliers to push and then pull the needle through heavy canvas, nylon webbing or when repairing tent seams and sewing leather.

You can get needle nose or regular pliers, so decide which one would be more valuable to you. Is your multi-tool going to help you with your job, or used for small tasks around the house and of course a multi-tool is invaluable in a survival situation?

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One thought on “Some Top Survival Uses for Your Multi-Tool”

  1. The advantage of multi-tool is that it has a good set. The pliers on the swiss army knife are small and ineffective. Leatherman® tools in the multi-tool are useful. They are tools that you might actually use.

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