Complete Survival Weapons Guide

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Primitive weaponsA lot of emphasis is put on what firearms to carry for survival purposes. In some places, even a little too much. Though it shouldn’t be the focal point of your survival strategy, what firearm you carry can make or break you if the s–t hits the fan. Today I want to take a look at some of the best weapons to carry in your kit and why. This should be fun!

The Basics

Selecting a weapon for you kit isn’t such a straightforward process as some might suggest. It is going to vary widely on the individual and intended use. For starters, guns aren’t the only weapon out there, and possibly not even the ideal weapon. Depending on what school of thought you subscribe to (don’t worry we will cover them). Melee weapons are important to consider and should be carried regardless. Primitive weapons like slings, bows, etc. are also something to take into consideration.

Practice is another huge problem we’ve covered before. Make sure you’re proficient with any weapon you carry. It is a survival tool, just like the rest of your kit, not knowing how to properly use and care for it can get you into a tight spot fast. If you don’t properly clean your firearms, they can misfire or worse. If you don’t know how to properly string your bow, you can snap it.


Primitive Weapons

In my opinion, weapons like a recurve bow are better than firearms in some situations. For starters, they’re quite, you can hunt without letting anyone know you’re there or scare away other game. Bows are ideal, when considering a SHTF scenario, you might want to consider a simple recurve bow. With less moving parts than your typical reflex bow, there is less that can break, less that can wear down and overall, can be more reliable.

You also need to consider other weapons, now nine out of ten people can fashion a simple spear, but practice with them. If you haven’t gone spear hunting, you’re not suddenly going to be an expert when you need to be. Practice with a slingshot, these are important because they can be made with the resources readily available to you. Just be sure to understand the basics of using these weapons. If you plan on making your own slingshot or bow, make sure you know what materials to use. You don’t want to draw back on your slingshot to take out that squirrel and *SNAP*, your eye is gone.


Here is the fun part, first, I can’t stress the importance of practicing, no matter who you are or how cool your brand new EOTech scope is, it will not make you an expert marksman if you don’t practice. Another major problem is the amount of people I run into who have an arsenal of firearms and enough ammo to sustain a small war, yet have no idea how to break down their weapons. I will link to some how-to videos for a few of the specific weapons we mention here, but ultimately if your weapon isn’t on this list, it is your responsibility to learn how to properly clean, maintain and repair your weapon.

When considering which is best for you, consider a few things. What is going to be the easiest on your back. Weight comes in on not only the weapon itself, but the ammo you need to carry for it. Consider what’s comfortable, don’t pick up a 10ga and a .357 just because you don’t want to seem like a wimp to your buddies at work. This is about surviving a worst case scenario, not a popularity contest. There is no point in carrying a weapon that you can’t control or shoot comfortably or carry enough ammo for.


This is debated, but I still lean towards the more common calibers. The reason being is if you have to scavenge, you’re far more likely to find some .45 or 9mm ammo than you are than some 7.63 mauser rounds. By no means should you count on finding ammo laying around but if you get lucky, it makes no difference if it is for a gun you don’t have.

Okay, on to the fun stuff…

Brandon is a survivalist from the U.S.’s North-east. He’s been an active camper and survival enthusiast since a young age and began with the hopes of sharing knowledge and bringing preppers together.

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