SurvivalLife | 9 Winter Gardening Tips

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downloadOne of the big questions we get around this time of year is what to do about food. Hunting is the most obvious solution but even this can be inconsistant and sporadic. Vince Tuscano over at SurvivalLife put together a great guide for winter gardening.

“Some people may think that winter gardening is impossible. But believe it or not, this is untrue. Anyone can still grow a number of plants, vegetables, herbs and flowers in cold and even freezing temperatures.

As a matter of fact, maintaining a winter garden is very beneficial. It helps not only the gardener himself but also the environment. There are many techniques that can help you garden any time of the year. The cold and frost of winter should not be a hindrance to using your green thumb.”

The article lays out some great tips such as keeping away the frost and what to plant. This should be an integral part of any preppers long term survival plan. Winter can be harsh anywhere but it is especially difficult to deal with in the northern parts of the country.

Maintaining a consistent source of food throughout the winter months provides more than just food. It provides peace of mind in knowing that you will have food. Knowing you have a reliable and consistent source of food year round does wonders in an already stressful situation.

Not to mention the time and risk saved, spending hours in a tree stand or tracking through the wilderness. The risk of getting injured or stranded miles from home in the dead of winter can quickly turn into a nightmare scenario. Check out the link below for the full article:

Full Article: 9 Winter Gardening Tips | The Prepper’s Guide to Cold-Weather Gardening

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Brandon is a survivalist from the U.S.’s North-east. He’s been an active camper and survival enthusiast since a young age and began with the hopes of sharing knowledge and bringing preppers together.

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